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Capacity Building and Training

Capacity building and training is key in most developmental project, therefore, AYA provides a range of capacity building instruments targeting individuals, civil society and public sector entities. The groundwork of any successful capacity building endeavor is to attain strong understanding of existing capabilities and skills needs to perform specialized functions effectively, efficiently and sustainably and to be able to develop over time.

In specific, AYA provides transformational technical support and training services for public sector entities, social worker, service providers, women, youth, NGOs and local communities in their unique cultural contexts based on knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to religious settings. AYA also links capacity building objectives to the broader social transformation agenda with the ultimate vision of sustained efforts for the protection of vulnerable groups and empowering women.

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Our Areas of Expertise: Children, Women & Youth Empowerment | Poverty Reduction & Community Development |
Human Rights and Protection of Vulnerable Groups | Good Gernance, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Public Sector Reform

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