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Implementation of Projects at the Community Level

AYA has strong experience in implementing innovative projects using holistic approaches to protection of children and protection and empowerment of women. Projects implemented by AYA are distinctive as they address cross cutting issues such as gender, community empowerment and sustainability, at the same time taps into accepted social tools designed based on its solid understanding of prevailing conditions at the local level. This ensures accurate and proper knowledge of existing conditions and forms the foundation for successful implementation.

AYA also uses a strong participatory approach and outreach to a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from individual stakeholders (including girls and boys), families, government entities, NGOs, international agencies, and community leaders. The use of flexible tools across diverse groups enables AYA's team to properly identify points of commonality as well as divergent views, engage key stakeholders in each segment and tap into community members’ knowledge and experience. This provides a clear point of reference and stimulates group reflections and motivates participants to act collectively in the achieving the project's objectives.

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