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Assessment of Status of Early Marriages in Jordan / UNICEF

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This assessment is a result of a request from the UNICEF Jordan Office to conduct an assessment and examine the existing status of early marriage for girls and boys in Jordan. This includes Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrian and Iraqis. The assessment addresses the underlying reasons contributing to early marriage and provides an overall outlook stemming from national data and statistics on the issue at hand.

The assessment methodology consisted of a combination of quantitative & qualitative techniques. Quantitative analysis included comprehensive data collection tools, statistics and research gathering, legislation review and documents analysis. Qualitative analysis targeted mothers, fathers, women who married early, service providers, judges and imams as well as community leaders. This was done through meetings (both structured and semi-structured), interviews and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs). 

Annual Reports for seven years (2005-2011) were obtained from the Department of the Chief Justice (Qadi Al Qudah), as well as detailed information for 2011 and 2012. This made the overall period under study 2005-2012. Field work covered five governorates with over 200 persons in six districts.

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