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Good Governance, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Public Sector Reform

Democracy brings about higher citizen expectations for better services; in fact, stronger institutions are needed for true democracy to exist. Therefore, AYA focuses on building stronger governance systems that enable governments to deliver better services, take better and more informed decisions, in addition to expertise in M&E to ensure that they run more efficiently. Strong structures will also enable citizens to work in a fair and just environment, know their entitlements as well as their responsibilities (transparency and clarity).

AYA’s staff has hands on experience in designing and implementing public sector reform programs, including Cabinet and streamlining government structures, setting standards for government services and human resources. AYA also provides the needed skills to implement any monitoring and evaluation project, public sector reform which includes soliciting support for the overall reform efforts, putting in place appropriate mechanisms to structure the overall strategy, technical assistance in designing and implementing the different components as well as capacity building programs.

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Our Areas of Expertise: Children, Women & Youth Empowerment | Poverty Reduction & Community Development |
Human Rights and Protection of Vulnerable Groups | Good Gernance, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Public Sector Reform

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