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Hala Bsaisu Lattouf

Ms. Lattouf brings to the team hands on experience in setting policy, and implementing integrated development projects with a focus on protection of vulnerable groups. As Minister of Social Development, she headed the Cabinet Ministerial Committee responsible for integrated social services and poverty alleviation programs and reports to the Cabinet. Moreover, she has extensive experience working with youth, gender, public sector reform and building institutions. Ms. Lattouf was also involved in piloting projects targeting vulnerable youth to help them find jobs as well as provide them with civic education and volunteerism opportunities in their own communities, another project was a community-based services and interventions project for children –at risk with UNICEF and Colombia University.

Ms. Lattouf has expertise experience working on a comprehensive approach to reducing poverty, she headed the Board of the National Aid Fund (the government main vehicle for cash funding for the poor) and was able to increase funding and improve efficiency of targeting mechanisms. She also worked on putting in place proper legislations for the protection of women and children including Family Protection Law, Personal Status Law, Penal Code Law and Association Law. Ms. Lattouf is also an advocate for strengthening the role of civil society in Jordan and established a Special Board to overlook the work instead of several government entities and set up a special Government Fund for funding NGOs. Ms. Lattouf’s experience extends to also implementing projects in education in Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) and Lebanon.

Safinaz Ouri

Ms. Ouri, has over twenty years of experience in a wide range of financial and consulting services to non-profit organizations and civil society organizations, government entities, and international organizations including USAID, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO and World Bank in a number of MENA countries. Her experience includes assessments, studies, research, monitoring and evaluation, institutional assessment, costing, capacity building and training. Ms. Ouri has over fifteen years of experience in Management & Financial training as well.

Abdalrahman Khawaldeh

Abdalrahman Khawaldeh

Mr. Khawaldeh has over twenty years experience working in the public sector as well as a consultant, he has expertise in strategy and performance management, poverty measurement and analysis, poverty targeting mechanisms, and social protection enhancement.

Moreover, Mr. Khawaldeh was a member and headed many sectors and Department such as Sector Expert in Prime Ministry of Jordan, Developing Sector & Institutional Strategic plans, following the National Aid Fund, member of Jordan Performance Evaluation Network (JO-PEN), member of the drafting team for the Poverty Reduction Strategy in Jordan (2012), and Team Leader with GPA for building Sector strategies and Institutional performance.

Ms. Dima Barakat

Abdalrahman Khawaldeh

Ms. Barakat has more than ten years experience in business administration and working with local communities on project's development and renewable energy, which include monitoring, evaluation, women empowerment, and organizing capacity building.

Moreover, Ms. Barakat has hands-on experience in implementing gender project, community empowerment and sustainability in the local communities.

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