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AYA aims to provide quality services to its clients to accomplish the desired goals in an efficient manner and cost effective basis. AYA implements projects on the ground, with a strong tracking systems and impact, it ensures that governance structures and institutions are strengthened and help communities and individuals by attending to and working with the different layers of the institution or community making sure that work is responsive and programs are specifically tailored to each specific case.

Real development takes place when partnerships and pooling of resources, skills and knowledge occur; consequently, AYA makes certain to form and strengthen partnerships at all levels between public, private and civil society as appropriate. While economic aspects are important, the social fabric or culture of any institution and community is of high importance, AYA works towards strengthening efforts to form leadership at all levels, as only through true social leader positive change can take place.

In sum, AYA endeavors to affect sustainable long term advancement while ensuring that at the shorter term, there are adequate benefits and impact to sustain the needed change over time and maintain the momentum for reform and progress. This means that “low hanging fruits” will be sought, but not at the expense of working on the longer term, but more challenging development issues that need to be addressed.

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Our Areas of Expertise: Children, Women & Youth Empowerment | Poverty Reduction & Community Development |
Human Rights and Protection of Vulnerable Groups | Good Gernance, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Public Sector Reform

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