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AYA Consultancy is a multi-disciplinary private limited liability company based in Amman, Jordan. AYA brings together extensive specialized development expertise and experience ranging from setting policy and strategies to evidence based research. Its strength lies in its hand on experience in effective implementation of strategic, programs and projects, and translating them to impact on the ground.

AYA is specialized in the protection of vulnerable groups, with a focus on women and children, working against violence and abuse in all its forms, AYA also focuses on the empowerment of youth and women, which includes setting up the right policies, strategies and strengthening governance structures within the public sector and civil society. In addition, AYA is known for its strong rights based approach to development and specialized expertise in child protection research, putting together priority action plans to building local capabilities, reaching individuals and communities alike.

AYA brings about very knowledgeable staff with experience in several programs in many Arab countries like Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.

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Our Areas of Expertise: Children, Women & Youth Empowerment | Poverty Reduction & Community Development |
Human Rights and Protection of Vulnerable Groups | Good Gernance, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Public Sector Reform

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